Official Smogon Doubles Tournament I - Round 1

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Calling Activity: its been four days since my new pairing, and my opponent hasn't responded to a single message


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Head TD

TonyFlygon  vs  64 Squares
simp  vs  shiloh
Quairo  vs  Nat
Huston  vs  Will-I-am
lax  vs  BluBirD252
TeamCharm  vs  DragonWhale
Sensei Axew  vs  Commander Beta
Niko  vs  AldrichYan
Estarossa  vs  Meru

Activity Wins:

 vs  egalvanc - egalvanc never replied after initial contact so papiloco gets the win
Mattidoni88  vs  fespy - Mattidoni88 never replied so fespy gets the win
dcae  vs  Shadowmonstr7 - dcae missed the scheduled time and has not replied since then, so Shadowmonstr7 gets the win
PvtTyroneSlothrop  vs  qsns - no reply from PvtTyroneSlothrop, so qsns gets the win
tko  vs  Mdraa - no reply from Mdraa, so tko gets the win
SOMALIA  vs  HaxBC - SOMALIA has not replied nor have they contested HaxBC's activity post, so HaxBC gets the win
Cicada  vs  Zephyri - No reply from Cicada after initial contact and Zephyri gave his time and suggested a time while Cicada only gave his timezone; Zephyri gets the win
FloristtheBudew  vs  Staxi - Staxi missed the scheduled time and has not replied since, so FloristtheBudew gets the win
Human  vs  mc56556 - mc56556 missed the scheduled time so Human gets the win
John1240  vs  Capitão General - Capitao General never replied so John1240 gets the win
Bag of Trixx  vs  Kaneki-san- Kaneki-san never replied nor have they been online, so Bag of Trixx gets the win
Xrn_n  vs  Drud - Drud never replied so Xrn-n gets the win
Jisoo  vs  Drole de pokestrat - Drole de pokestrat never replied, so Jisoo gets the win
devin  vs  Gatubraz - despite the messy scheduling, they agreed to 11:30 PM GMT+5 and Gatubraz missed the time, so devin gets the win
TheFourthChaser  vs  mrthico- mrthico never replied, so TheFourthChaser gets the win
Quarteroy  vs  EviGaro -Quarteroy never replied, so EviGaro gets the win
OctoMystic  vs  Mr.Bossaru - Mr.Bossaru said he contacted but there's no proof
teal6  vs  BK - BK never replied so teal6 gets the win
KyleCole  vs  MZB - KyleCole never replied, so MZB gets the win
Mingo_chan  vs  Yoda2798 - Mingo_chan never replied, so Yoda2798 gets the win
HeroicTobias  vs  love chants - love chants has not replied since June 18th nor have the contested HeroicTobias's activity call,s o Heroic Tobias gets the win


queso  vs  Derpeddeath
JuanSG  vs  corey_axis

Round 2 will be up shortly
Not open for further replies.

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